How to share power bi report with non pro users?

While making a report in Power BI, it is always a important point of consideration to know different options to share report with the end users. 

Also, it is always of great interest for anyone to know how can a power bi report be shared with non- pro users.  Let`s discuss it in this article.

We know that only a pro user can access the pbi report published in the power bi service. But there are ways through which even a non pro user can access the power bi report. Please find below list of ways available through which non pro users can access the pbi report.

  1. Office 365 Access
  2. Premium Capacity
  3. Publish to Web  
  4.  Send the .pbix file directly using email

1. Office 365 Access

If you have Office 365 access then you can see the report share in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint online. Free users must be added to the workspace where report is published by a pro user.

Also, users must be added in channel where report is shared in teams. Users must have permission to the SharePoint site where the power bi report embedded link will be placed.

2. Premium Capacity

If your organization has more than 500 users to whom power bi report need to be shared then you can go for Premium License. 

With Premium License, every user won`t need PRO license in order to view the report. Only report developers would require PRO license for publishing the power bi report. 

There are additional benefits which we can get by opting for Premium license.

3. Publish to Web

Published to Web is a important sharing option using which you can easily embedded your report in to any public web portal.

Report when published using Publish to Web option then data is visible to everyone without any authentication, so it is important that organization confidential data is not exposed to users using publish to web sharing option.

4.Send the .pbix file directly using email

You can use this option if the file size is appropriate so that file opens up in the system without any problem.

Only problem is that it can not be used when there is a large size dataset imported into the .pbix file because there will problem in opening the .pbix file.

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