Latest Power BI Pricing – Updated Cost

Microsoft has updated pricing for all the licenses related to Power BI. Many people do not know about it even I came to know about it when I was having a requirement for a premium per-user license for project requirements.

I hope many of you will not be aware of the license price change done by Microsoft for all the licenses related to Power BI such as Pro, Premium Per User, and Premium, etc.

You can check the latest prices and the existing prices and the latest price in the below table. It can be useful while updating clients about the license pricing.

LicenseExisting PriceLatest PriceChange%
Pro (per User/Month) $                                        9.99 $         13.70 $        37.14
Premium Per User (per User/Month) $                                      20.00 $         27.50 $        37.50
Premium (per capacity/Month) $                                 4,995.00 $    6,858.10 $        37.30
Auto Scale (per vCore/24 hours) $                                      85.00 $       116.72 $        37.32
Power BI Pricing /Cost Detailed Comparison

So there has been an increase of approx 37% in the price of Power BI Licenses which is a considerable increase but still, Power BI Pricing is less than its competitor tool such as Tableau. Tableau Creator License costs $70 per user/month.

You should also check the Pricing and Product Comparison Page to know in detail what features each license offers.

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