Top Websites for Free Public Data Sets for Machine Learning and Data Science Project

Top Websites for Free Public Data Sets for Machine Learning and Data Science Project


Why do you need Free Public Data Sets?

Free Public Data Sets are essentially required in order to use it in Data Science and Machine Learning Projects. Some of the latest datasets are being published by some of the top research institutions in the world which can be used by developers around the globe to create a visualization or predict the future of the latest event using the machine learning model.

Free Public Data Sets are required for various purposes listed below:

1. Learn Data cleaning using Pandas
2. Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning
3. Creating a predictive model

With Free Public Data Sets, You get the exact scenario that you can practice in order to hone your skills to the next level.

Below are the top websites which provide free public data sets for practicing and learning purpose.

1. Kaggle Datasets

kaggle datasets

One of the best ways to practice is to get the dataset from Kaggle and start your learning. Kaggle  Datasets are created keeping the purpose in mind.

Here, I mean to say that if you are practicing data cleaning using python then you will require a dataset that is not clean and have scenario so that you can work on it and prepare the dataset.

Apart from Data Cleaning, if you are interested to work on Visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, etc. then you will require a cleaned dataset so that you can focus more on learning functionality provided by specific tools.

Kaggle Public Dataset provides all types of datasets due to which it has been preferred choice by Data Science Enthusiast.


2. Google Big Query Datasets


Free Public Data Sets


Google has provided bigquery dataset present in its cloud platform absolutely free. If someone is interested to work on Big data in building their Visualization or building any AI Model out of it, they can check out Google Big Query Dataset Portal where large public and private organizations have published their dataset for free usage.


3. Tableau Datasets


Free Public Data Sets


Sample Super Store is one of the most famous public datasets is provided by Tableau to practice making reports, the dashboard in Tableau public software. However, there is no restriction that it can be used only with Tableau.

You can use it with any Visualization software.  You can get the Sample Superstore Datasethere.

I would highly recommend this dataset for Visualization purposes. It has 3 sheets: Orders, Return and
People. Data is well structured and helps you to understand the basic data modeling concept.

4. US Health Datasets

Free Public Data Sets

Data Analytics has been pretty useful in almost all the sector for generating insights from the raw data. You can easily get Public Health Datasets from US Government Official site and make interactive visualization.

The government provided dataset helps to deduce meaningful information which provides a solution to an existing social problem.

Analyses of Govt. Provided data can help Government Official in better decision making regarding the budget allocation and framing government policies for their Citizens.


5. Google Dataset Search


 Free Public Data Sets


Google has just launched a site for dataset search offering  25 million datasets for the data scientist community. Google Dataset Search can be a one-stop solution for finding all your dataset searches.

It provides a dataset from all sorts of fields such as Science, Government organizations, Universities, etc. Google Dataset Search work as a search engine for dataset search where you can dataset from all fields.


Thank you.

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