How to use Cross Report in Power BI?

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In this article, we will see step by step how to implement cross-report drill-through functionality.

Cross Report Drill Through can be very useful when we want to reduce the size of each dataset which is extremely useful when there is data size limitation based on license.

Pre-Requisite for Cross Report functionality in Power BI

While implementing the cross report functionality, schema of the source and target report can vary but table name and column name should not vary. The string should match and are case-sensitive.

Source File Settings

In the source file, Go to FILE >> OPTION AND SETTINGS. then select OPTIONS, in the Current File options >> In the Report Settings>> Check the Cross Report Drillthrough option

Target File Settings

In the target file, you need to do some settings for enabling the cross-report functionality to work properly.

1. In the Drillthrough option, enable the cross report toggle to ON.

2. Place the field which you want to filter in the drill-through space provided.

So in the below image, we have placed Product field in the Drill through filter option, so when in the source file there will be any visual using Product field then while clicking the right button, you will be able to see option to drill through report to the target file.

How to do cross report drill through in Power BI?

Once you have done the setting in the source and target file then you can do the cross report drill through by selecting the drill through option when you right-click on the visual having field which you have added in the drill through option in the target file.

How does Target file look like after Cross Report Drill Though?

In the source file, I have right-clicked on the product  Paseo and then selected the drill through the option which filters the target file based on the product paseo.


I hope that cross report drill-through option is clear to you. I have written the article in a very short and precise manner for easy understanding. 

Please comment below in case you have any more questions.


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