How to perform drill through action using the button in Power BI?

Drill-through is an option in power bi desktop using which we can drill through to a page having details with a specific context. After the March 2020 update, Drill through can be performed using the button as well, earlier the same task was performed by right-clicking on a context in a chart and then selecting the drill through option.

So in this article, let`s see How to perform drill-through action using a button in Power BI?
Step 1: For the demo, we will be using the Sample superstore dataset which you can download from here.

I would suggest you follow along with me if you are not aware of performing drillthrough action using button functionality in Power BI. Once you do it on your own then you learn the most out of anything and it`s better than just reading and later forgetting. That`s why I try to create Do it yourself kind of article.

Step2: On Page 1, Create a pie chart showing sales by region.

Step 3: On Page 1,  Also, Create a button and use conditional formatting in the button text.

  • We will be showing “See Region Details” when nothing is selected in the Pie Chart
  •  When any of the legends is selected, for example, we have selected east in the pie chart then the button text will change to “See Details for East”.

We have used DAX expression here for conditional formatting of the button text. You can find the DAX expression below

see details =
IF (
SELECTEDVALUE ( Orders[Region] ) = “”,
“See Region Details”,
“See Details for “ & SELECTEDVALUE ( Orders[Region] )

If you are a beginner in Power BI and looking to learn DAX, then you can find the Best Resources to learn DAX article useful. To get step-by-step guidance to learn Power BI, you can read the Ultimate Guide of Microsoft PowerBI Tutorials: Step by Step Approach.

You have to select the button and go to the visualization pane. In the Button Text property, click the fx button.

Once you click the fx button. you will be asked to enter the measure so that conditional formatting can be performed.

Step 4: Let`s Now create Page 2 which has various charts that will get filtered on the basis of the Region selected in the piechart on Page1. So it’s important that the data model fields used in the chart on Page 2 must have a relation with the Region field used in the PieChart on Page 1.
See the image below and create the visuals.
Step5: On Page 2, Add the Region field in the Drill through filter option in the visualization pane.

Step6: On Page 1: Select the button and go to visualization pane action property. Their select the type as Drill through and destination as Page 2.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Power BI updates have been providing a lot of new features that can help us to achieve a lot of functionality that was not possible earlier. Drill-through is an important feature in Power BI as it helps us to see the details in a specific context. Using it with the button will certainly add more interactivity to the report. So practice it on your machine and keep learning.

I hope that you would have to find the article interesting and must have added value to your learning. Please provide me feedback in the comment section.

This article is updated on 8/2/2022.

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