How to connect EQuIS with Power BI?

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Earth Soft`s EQuIS is a environmental data management solution which is used by large number of companies and government/private agencies around the world to store and manage environmental chemistry, biology, geology, hydrology, limnology, air related data. 

Now, in the recent May 2021 Microsoft Power BI update, EQuIS connector has been provided in Power BI so that users can connect to EQuIS data easily and make report and dashboard in Power BI.

The EQuIS connector supports three types of user authentication: basic, API token, and organizational account (aka Azure Active Directory).


Why to connect EQuIS with Microsoft Power BI?

As we know that EQuIS has got Data Visualization and Reporting Capability then one of the important question is why do we need to connect EQuIS with Power BI?

There are two benefit of connecting EQuIS with Power BI.

  1. EQuIS data can be combined with data from other similar sources then reporting can be done on the top of it.
  2. Using the enterprise wide collaboration feature of Microsoft Power BI, report and Dashboard can be shared with all associate of the organization.
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