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Gartner is a leading business research and advisory firm in the US which provides support to businesses across the world. Magic Quadrant is a market research report which is published by Gartner to showcase the market trend in various sectors such as Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms, Cloud Solutions, SOA, Data Integration, etc.

The above chart will help you to understand the below two charts, it tells about the quadrant where each company is placed based on their performance on various metrics determined by Gartner.In this article, We will see leaders in Gartner`s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence platform for the past 5 years. Also, I will describe the factors which have placed Microsoft at the top of the ranking for about 4 years in the Leaders Quadrant.

2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform

Microsoft has been positioned as a Leader for the past 15 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. In the Year 2022, Microsoft has again maintained the leadership position by outperforming in the completeness of vision and ability to execute parameters in the Leaders Quadrant.

Microsoft is in the Leaders Quadrant for the past 4 consecutive years.


As per the Microsoft Partner Director, Kim Manis Several product features  have helped in the enablement of 

  1. Empowering every Individual
  2. Empowering every team
  3. Empowering every organization

Let`s see in detail what led to attaining the goals mentioned above.

Empowering the Indivisual

Some of the features which have helped in achieving the goal of Empowering every Individual are:

  1. Easily share links to the report.
  2. Automatic Generation of Visuals in the Power BI Service.
  3. Intelligent experience to the Business users such as AI Capabilities like Smart Narratives, Anomaly Detection, and Automated Insights.
  4. New Power Automate Visuals.

Empowering Every Team

Some of the features which have helped in achieving the goal of Empowering every Team are:

  1. Integration of Power BI with the Team has resulted in utilizing the existing available collaboration fabric.
  2. connecting to Excel data is even easier with a connected PivotTable refresh.
  3. SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Power Apps users can now generate a set of relevant visuals based on the data they’re currently viewing.
  4. Goals in Power BI help teams to track the progress of specific KPI.

Empowering Every Organization

Some of the features which have helped in achieving the goal of Empowering every Organization are:

  1. XMLA Endpoints
  2. Object level Security
  3. Backup/Restore Dataset
  4. Automatic Aggregation
  5. Data Flow for Streaming Dataset
  6. Embedding in Jupyter Notebook
  7. PPU license for small and medium organizations and individual users.
  8. Autoscale capability to add vCores to capacity during utilization peaks

2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform Result Declared


As per the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform Ranking, Microsoft has been ranked Leader among all the analytics tools in the market. For the consecutive 14 years, Gartner has recognized Microsoft Magic Quadrant Leader in Analytics and Business Platform Ranking. Well, that’s an incredible achievement.

Mr. Arun Ulag, Corporate Vice President, Power BI has mentioned in the Power BI Blog that 250000 organizations and around 97% of fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Power BI to drive data culture. Companies such as Humana, Nestle, and Zurich has standardized Power Bi and has enabled employees in their organization to make a data-driven decision.

So now let`s look into the reason why Gartner selected Microsoft Power BI as the Magic Quadrant Leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence Category. 

  • Microsoft offers data preparation, visual-based data recovery, interactive dashboards, and augmented analytics in Power BI.
  • Notable additions include more augmented analytics in the form of AI-infused experiences, including smart narratives (NLG) and anomaly detection capabilities for out-of-the-box visuals.
  • The increasing integration of Power BI into Microsoft Teams, with its tens of millions of daily active users, will inevitably further increase Power BI’s reach in the world of remote work.

Why Customer choose Microsoft Power BI?

Mr. Arun Ulag has mentioned in the Power BI Blog top 10 reasons why customers choose Microsoft Power BI. The reason has been given by the customer to Microsoft and officially stated in the Microsoft Power Bi Blog.

  1. Power BI Insights, Office 365 productivity—integrated into Excel and Microsoft Teams.
  2. Connect to data anywhere with hundreds of built-in connectors with Power Query.
  3. Quickly build systems of intelligence with Power BI + Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.
  4. Go from insight to action with Microsoft Power Platform.
  5. Only BI product with built-in Data Loss Prevention through Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App security.
  6. Industry-leading AI to help you find answers fast.
  7. Best in class mobile experiences with Power BI Mobile.
  8. Cloud maturity—rely on one of the largest and fastest-growing BI clouds.
  9. Rapid, user-driven innovation—new features released weekly based on user feedback.
  10. Economics to drive a data culture with access for everyone.

Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform

12-Feb 2020: Gartner has published its  Magic Quadrant report.  For Analytics and Business Intelligence Category, Microsoft PowerBI has been ranked as the leader in this category.

Arun Ulag, General Manager Engineering has thanked all the people for submitting ideas in its Ideas.powerbi.com portal. Power bi has been constantly taking customer feedback through this portal and has upgraded Power bi by taking into consideration Customer Requirement. 

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform 2019

If we analyze this graph, we can see that there are two parameters mentioned in the Graph. Completeness of Vision and Ability to execute. Microsoft Power BI has been an outstanding winner. Tableau has been ranking at the top for several years before Microsoft PowerBI topped the market.  Let’s compare the market position with the past year ranking i.e 2018

Gartner Magic Quadrant Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform Ranking 2018

In Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform 2018, there is a tie between Tableau and PowerBI in terms of ability to execute parameter and for Completeness of Vision, Microsoft Power BI is again at the top of the chart. For further details, please check the data story created by Greg_Deckler’s post on Microsoft Community here.

Thank You.

This post was originally written on 1 Dec 2019 and has been updated later on from time to time. Latest, it is updated on 21 July 2022 including the ranking details for Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Application Platform 2022.

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