How to do Page Navigation using Slicer and a Button (without bookmark) in Power BI?


Page Navigation is an important part of the report as it makes the report more interactive. Previously, We used to achieve page navigation in a report using a bookmark and it was not possible to do the same using slicers and a  button. After the March 2020 Power BI Update, It is possible to do page navigation using a slicer and a button.

So Let` see How to do Page Navigation using Slicer and a Button (without bookmark) in Power BI? In the Microsoft Power BI March 2020 update, New feature Page navigation has been added in the Action property in which you can directly specify the page which you want to navigate through the button or you can use conditional formatting using fields (DAX) to make page navigation more dynamic.


Initial Preparation for Demo

In this section, We will describe the method to create the initial components required for the Demo.
1. Create Pages for Navigation.
2. Create a Table with a Column having Page Name as Value.
  • Click on Enter Data in the Home Ribbon.
  • Enter the Page names in the Column Page Name. Make Sure there is not typo mistake, exact Page names should be entered. See the below Image. 
3. Create a Slicer for Page Name Column.
4. Create a button





Demo Solution Steps

Let`s see all the steps for achieving the Page Navigation using Slicer and a Button.
Steps1: First we have created a measure for capturing the value selected in the slicer.  Let`s see the Dax expression below.

Selected Page =
SELECTEDVALUE ( ‘Page Table'[Page Name] )

Using the SELECTEDVALUE Dax function, we are capturing the page name selected using the slicer.

Step2: Create another measure for showing the page to be navigated in the button text. 

Button Name =
“Go To “ & [Selected Page] & ” Page”

Step3: Now we have to use the measure created in the above steps. We will use the Button Name measure to do conditional formatting using fields in the Button Text Property. This will ensure that the selected page name in the slicer gets displayed in the button text.

  • Click on the Conditional formatting button in Button Text Property.




  • Once you click on the fx button below the Button Text Option. Pop up window will open where the option to select the measure will be provided which will show the page name in the button text based on page name selection in the slicer.
  • Now we will go to the action property of the button. In the type option, select the Page navigation. In the Destination option, Click on the fx button to use the conditional formatting option using field value.


  • You will get the option to select the measure Selected Page which will provide the page name to which navigation has to be done.


Now everything is done to achieve the page navigation using a slicer and a button. You can now select the page and then click on the button to navigate to the selected page.

Final Thoughts

You learn through this article How to do page navigation using a slicer and a button. Well, you can do page navigation using the old method of using a bookmark but in that method, you will require a lot of buttons equal to the number of pages used for navigation.

So, it basically depends upon the client’s requirement which method to be used for page navigation.

Using the same concept you can also perform dynamic multiple column selection

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