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Microsoft Power BI Tutorials: Learn Power BI Free

Are you interested to learn Microsoft Power BI?  Are you searching for  Microsoft Power BI Tutorials?

Your search stops here!!

Microsoft Power BI Tutorials article is created to help people who have started learning Microsoft Power BI but do not know exactly from where to study or what to study and how to study.

I will provide here steps to learn Microsoft Power BI and also provide links to popular Microsoft Power BI Tutorials Blog which you should follow and learn the ways to achieve a particular functionality in Microsoft Power BI.

Yesterday, I got a request on Linkedin from a fresher that she was working as an intern in the startup company and want to learn new technology such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau. So she asked if I can teach her.

It was not possible for me to teach due to lack of time but then also I wanted to help her. I have been working on Microsoft Power BI for the last 2 years. So, I thought why not write an article providing links to all the popular blogs and learning sites related to Microsoft Power BI.

Why Should you learn Microsoft Power BI?

You must be wondering Tableau is such a great tool then why do we need PowerBI?

In terms of  Visualization functionality, Power BI is nowhere in comparison to Tableau or other old visualization tools such as Qlikview.

Still, Microsoft Power BI is the leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant Analytics and Business Intelligence Report 2020.

Read the last 3 years’ report details here.

Microsoft has a great vision due to which each of its products is special and can solve complex business solutions.

O365 Office products,  Power Platform products, and Azure product integration is the major reason due to which Power BI has been ranked Leader for the last many years.

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Most of the companies require  Cloud space, Microsoft Office Products, and Products to solve their business solution. When they get all the products from a single Vendor that too with discounted Price, none leaves it.

Apart from the above reason mentioned, Microsoft Power BI also provides an ETL tool for data transformation free of cost.

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Microsoft Power BI team is updating the product twice a month which shows the amount of money and manpower Microsoft is investing in this BI Tool.

So let`s start with Microsoft Power BI Tutorials Steps  –

# Step1:  Get your Basics Right


The best way to learn anything is to learn by doing. Unfortunately, there are very few DIY courses available even on popular learning sites.

Power BI Tutorials: Best way to learn Power BI for free

When I started upgrading my skills on Microsoft Power BI, I was searching for any DIY course so that I can learn by doing. Fortunately, One of my friends recommended me Bharati DW Consultancy.

Believe me, the approach to learn this way is awesome.
Bharati DW Consultancy playlist has 50 videos having DIY (Do it Yourself) stuff. After completing these videos, you will get good confidence and also gain sufficient knowledge to make any visualization in Power BI.
Bharati DW Consultancy has provided a very good Tableau Learning YouTube Playlist. Those of you interested in learning Tableau can check out the link.
My advice here will be to go one by one because, from a holistic perspective, everything seems to be easy but once you go in-depth and try to achieve functionality complexity increases.

# Step2: Read, Read, Read

After you finish the first part of the advice given above. Do not think that you have got all the knowledge you need to make a complex Power BI report. It’s just starting.
Why I am saying this?
Though the above-mentioned Power BI Tutorials have covered most of the components of Microsoft Power BI still you need dig deeper in order to master DAX.
DAX (Data Analysis Expression) is a language which is a library of function and expression used for Data Analysis and Calculation. It is very important to learn DAX in order to get maximum out of the Microsoft Power BI.

I am emphasizing a lot to read any one of the books because it is very important to learn DAX step by step so that you can get a better understanding of Evaluation Context in DAX which helps you to understand the actual working of a function applied.

Try to practice along with the book to better understand it.


I have provided here some of the best books for DAX and  these are from some of the best people in the Industry and MVP (Microsoft Certified Professionals)

Highly Recommend: The Definitive Guide to DAX

# Step3: Learning DAX Continue

After completing the above book, I would suggest you check out Free Videos from Curbal on YouTube.

Power BI Tutorials: Best way to learn Power BI for free

Do not forget to miss DAX Fridays Playlist in which you will get videos explaining almost each and every important DAX function which you should know.

Apart from DAX, Curbal has got very nice videos explaining functionality available in Microsoft Power BI, Power Query and M Query related stuff.

# Steps4: Follow Blogs

Following Blogs of People who are working very hard to making concept easy for IT professionals or Newbies who have just started to work on Microsoft Power BI.
These blogs can give you an idea of what all functionality you can achieve in Microsoft Power BI and the way to achieve it.
Some of the blogs to follow –

1. Excelerator BI Blog

Excelerator Blog is from Matt Allington who has more than 30 years of experience in Power BI Technology. He is teaching Power BI for more than 5 years.
Microsoft Power BI Tutorials: Best way to learn Power BI for free
Most of his blogs are written so that you can easily prepare your demo and get hands-on knowledge which is very essential.
He is one of the writers of the books which is mentioned above Read, Read, Read Section of the blog.
His presentation and writing style are mind-blowing which help to understand any topic very easily.

2. Radacad

Radacad has a blogs article related to Microsoft Power BI, DAX, Power Automate, Power Apps, Azure Cognitive Service and AI. The blogs provided on the site are detailed and accurate.
Microsoft Power BI Tutorials: Best way to learn Power BI for free
I highly recommend you to read its blog are clearing your basics and try to implement the solution explained in the article by yourself.


3. Guy in a Cube

Adam and Patrick post video on YouTube related to Microsoft Power BI which is of great quality.
All the latest updates can be found on their channel.

Microsoft Power BI Tutorials: Best way to learn Power BI for free

They have an amazing video that can help you in your Learning Journey.

#Step 5:  Prepare a small demo report

Once you are done with all the blogs mentioned in the above article you can start preparing small demos for each of the functionality in Microsoft Power BI.

Example: You can watch a  video online on Conditional Formatting and start preparing a demo related to it in Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

Preparing a demo will help you get good hands-on on the Power BI Desktop.

If you follow the steps Which are mentioned above, believe me, You will start Rocking 🙂

If you have any doubts or want me to write an article on any topic. Comment me below.

Thank You.

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