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Most of the developers working on Microsoft Power BI face issues in two ways. First, the Microsoft Power BI Application installed on the machine is not working properly and the developer is facing problems in performing any task. Second, the issue is related to report optimization. Generally, it is the responsibility of the developer to …

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Earth Soft`s EQuIS is a environmental data management solution which is used by large number of companies and government/private agencies around the world to store and manage environmental chemistry, biology, geology, hydrology, limnology, air related data.  Now, in the recent May 2021 Microsoft Power BI update, EQuIS connector has been provided in Power BI so …

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Indexes are schema objects in a SQL database that can boost query performance while executing queries with a filter condition using where clause.

Indexes are used to retrieve data from databases very fast. An Index is a quick lookup table that is used to find a record that user search very frequently. An index helps to speed up select queries and where clauses, but it slows down data input, with the update and the insert statements.

Parquet file is a popular file format used for storing large, complex data. It is an open-source file format that is available in a project in the Hadoop ecosystem. Data is stored in the flat columnar format which is considered to be more efficient than row-based files such as CSV. Previously, We have to use  …

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Microsoft Ignite 2021 is an Online Event in which Microsoft top leadership will unveil some of the latest Innovation which is taking place at Microsoft. You will be able to listen to some of the great minds in Microsoft and attend an interactive sessions where you will get an opportunity to discuss your problem, challenges …

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Do you want to create a quick report in Power BI? The latest Power BI version has made it possible to create a quick report using data from the web and existing published datasets in Power BI Service. So, now you do need to download the Power BI Desktop software into your PC and directly make a report using the Power BI service.

What is Availability Set and Availability Zone in Azure? In Availability Set, VM`s copy is created and is isolated with separate physical servers, computer racks, storage units, network switches in a data center within a region so if one of the VM stops working then still we have the copy of the VM working within the same datacenter. While Availability Zone ensures that complete datacenter data is replicated to another place at a distance within the same region so that even if complete data center fails due to any reason then also Availability of data is ensured.

I have passed the DP-200 exam on 28 Oct 2020. I have gone through the various study material and courses in order to prepare for the exam. Overall, the time taken by me for the DP-200 exam is approx 3 months. Ideally, you should not take 3 months of time but due to lack of guidance, I happen to take a number of online courses which was not required to be taken for passing the DP-200 Exam.

we will see how can we integrate a Power BI report in the Microsoft Teams application.