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I have passed the DP-200 exam on 28 Oct 2020. I have gone through the various study material and courses in order to prepare for the exam. Overall, the time taken by me for the DP-200 exam is approx 3 months. Ideally, you should not take 3 months of time but due to lack of guidance, I happen to take a number of online courses which was not required to be taken for passing the DP-200 Exam.

we will see how can we integrate a Power BI report in the Microsoft Teams application.

Drill-through is an option in power bi desktop using which we can drill through to a page having details with a specific context. After the March 2020 update, Drill through can be performed using the button as well, earlier the same task was performed by right-clicking on a context in a chart and then selecting …

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In this article, we will discuss dynamic multiple column selection using a slicer and a button in Microsoft Power BI. Here, we will use the new page navigation option which is provided the action property of the button. Page Navigation in action property is available from Power BI March 2020 update. We have already explained …

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Working on data from the latest file in a folder is a very common requirement. I have been asked about it in one of the Company Interviews. Well, at that moment of time I was having no idea about it but later I got this as a requirement in one of my project requirements. So, How …

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