How much does Microsoft Ignite 2021 Cost?


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Microsoft Ignite 2021 is an Online Event in which Microsoft top leadership will unveil some of the latest Innovation which is taking place at Microsoft. You will be able to listen to some of the great minds in Microsoft and attend an interactive sessions where you will get an opportunity to discuss your problem, challenges with keynote speakers of the conference.

In this article, We will see if we will have to pay any cost for attending Microsoft Ignite 2021 Event. We will also discuss in detail the schedule, location, registration fees, etc.

How much does Microsoft Ignite 2021 cost? Microsoft Ignite 2021 is a free digital event that you can attend from the comfort of your home. You will need to register on Ignite home page. If you are someone who is already working on Microsoft technology or someone who wants to listen to Microsoft’s top leadership team speaking about the latest innovation and development taking place at Microsoft. Then you can join this event.

When is Microsoft Ignite 2021?

Microsoft Ignite 2021 is scheduled for 2-4 March 2021. It is a 3 days digital online event in which top management people from Microsoft will deliver talks related to Microsoft products and upcoming technologies.

Where Microsoft Ignite 2021 will take place?

Microsoft Ignite 2021 will be an online digital event where the registered participant will be able to attend the event at the comfort of their home virtually. 

How to get Microsoft Ignite Free Certification?

You can get free certification by registering and attending the Microsoft Ignite Event and also taking up Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skill Challenge. Once you complete a  Learning Path Challenge, you will be eligible for getting a free certification from Microsoft.

It is important to register with a business email id on Microsoft Cloud Skill Challenge Website. Also, free certification will only be provided to the first 7000 people who take the cloud skill challenge. So it is important to take the Microsoft Cloud Skill Challenge ASAP. For more information, you can check the Microsoft Cloud Skill Challenge term and condition document here.

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