How to do integration of Power BI Report in Microsoft Teams?

In this article, we will see how can we integrate a Power BI report in the Microsoft Teams application. Power BI is a self-service data analytics tool that is used to create a report and dashboard to bring insight out of raw data and Microsoft Teams is a business messaging and collaboration tool which is […]

Difference between sum of values for recent date and 2nd most recent date.

While going through the Microsoft Power BI Community, I saw a post where a fellow member was asking for a solution to the problem in getting the difference between the sum of values for the most recent date and Just the previous date. I worked to find a solution for the problem and found that […]

How to convert UTC into Local Time Zone in Power BI Report using DAX?

While working on the scenario “How to refresh dataset using button in Report view of Power BI?”, We have added a DAX function UTCNOW() which will give the refresh time and date value in a card. But the value in the card will be in the UTC and we are more interested to show the […]

How to refresh dataset using button in Report View of PowerBI?

You can add a button in your report which will refresh the data once you click on the refresh button in the report view. I have seen in various forums that this has been asked by many clients. For achieving this functionality we will use Microsoft Power Automate and also use Wrap API. I hope […]

How to perform drillthrough action using button in Power BI?

Drill-through is an option in power bi desktop using which we can drill through to a page having details with a specific context. After the March 2020 update, Drill through can be performed using the button as well, earlier the same task was performed by right-clicking on a context in a chart and then selecting […]

Dynamic Multiple Column Selection in Power BI

In this article, we will discuss dynamic multiple column selection using a slicer and a button in Microsoft Power BI. Here, we will use the new page navigation option which is provided action property of the button. Page Navigation in action property is available from Power BI March 2020 update. We have already explained it […]

How to get data from latest file in a folder in PowerBI?

Working on data from the latest file in a folder is a very common requirement. I have been asked about it in one of the Company Interviews. Well, at that moment of time I was having no idea about it but later I got this as a requirement in one of my project requirements. So, How […]

PowerBI : How to Display multiple selected values in a Card?

I recently worked upon a scenario where I have shown all the selected values in slicer in a Card. So, Card basically acts as a display screen which shows all the selected values in the slicer. The scenario which I just mentioned is very relevant and practical from reporting perspective with an intention to show […]